As I sit with the Ancestors, I watch my children, seeing myself.

A reincarnation, propelling through space and time,

Independently forming their own thoughts and mind.

They remind me that I am immortal.

A genetically infinite being perpetuated by my seed.

They carry me.


I live in them and they in me.

My mother’s grandmother’s mothers’ are listening.


Being an eternal reflection like mirrors.

We see us…lasting, surviving, living.

We have always been.

Since the cradle of Creation, my Great-Great Greats’ birthed nations even without Emancipation.

We never died!

Even when this body expired, our Spirit transpired and elevated to a better form of itself through each rebirth;

I rebirthed myself in every iteration of genetic replication.

I replicated my strength, creativity, ingenuity and inquisition to question this world’s limitations.

I revive myself through each generation.